Immunize Kansas Kids
Immunize Kansas Kids



The request for proposals are issued by the Immunize Kansas Kids (IKK) coalition, which supports innovative, collaborative and sustainable methods to increase age-appropriate immunization for young Kansas children (age 0–5). Through the Community Coalition Grants, IKK seeks to support the creation of local coalitions that will work to increase immunization rates. The IKK quality improvement grants support the use of quality improvement tools to target immunization barriers. Grants will be awarded to selected communities or agencies in order to improve their immunization practices at the local level.

Community Coalition Grants:
These projects will focus on developing a coalition (1) to assess the status of childhood immunization levels and (2) to create an implementation plan for increasing immunizations in your community. The projects are intended to help improve public health practice in health departments and other agencies across Kansas. Grants are designed to work in support of the public health accreditation process. Up to $10,000 can be used to fund the building and support of local coalitions focused on immunizations. The state-level IKK coalition has successfully supported immunization activities in Kansas for more than six years. This grant will give financial support to local-level coalitions and link them to subject-matter experts in the state-level IKK coalition who will share their knowledge of evidence-based practices and experience working with immunizations.

Quality Improvement Grants:
The quality improvement grants help immunization providers to undertake local initiatives to improve the quality of immunization practices in Kansas. The grants should be used to target a specific barrier to immunizations using quality improvement tools to identify the root cause problem. Plan Do Study Act cycles will be used to determine the best solution to the immunization barrier. Grants should incorporate promising and evidence-based practices or policies for the delivery of immunization services. Grant funding ranges between $5,000 and $10,000 per proposal, for projects lasting between 6 and 12 months.


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